The sum of two numbers is 52. The difference of the same two numbers is 20. Find the two numbers

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To solve this problem we have to make system of equations. [latex] \left \{ {{a+b=52} \atop {a-b=20}} \right. [/latex] From the first equation lets find value of a in times of b a=52-b Now we can substitute it into second equation 52-b-b=20   52-2b=20      /-52 both sides -2b=20-52 -2b=-32    :(-2) divide both sides by -2 b=16 Now we can back substitute to the first equation a=52-b a=52-16 a=36 So the result is [latex] \left \{ {{a=36} \atop {b=16}} \right. [/latex]

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