The scale model of a skyscraper being built is 4.2 feet tall. a. When it is finished, the skyscraper will be 525 meters tall. What scale was used to make the model? b. The model is made out of a stack of plywood sheets. Each sheet is 0.6 inch thick. How many sheets of plywood tall is the model?

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a. Convert 4.2 feet to meters. 4.2 feet = 1.28016 meters. The Formula of Scale  = Big / Small Scale = 525 meters / 1.28016 meters Scale = 410.1050 meters b. Convert 4.2 feet to inches. 4.2 feet = 50.4 inches. To get the number of plywood, divide 50.4 inches by 0.6 inch. The answer is 84. So there are 84 plywood sheets.

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