The length of a rectangle is 5 inches more than the width. The perimeter is 38 inches. Find the length and the width.

(2) Answers

38=2x+2x+10 28=4x 7=x Width is 7 Length is 12


The formula for perimeter is P=2L+2W (L is length and W is width). If the length is 5 inches more than the width, that means L=W+5 Now we can just plug that into the formula, so that gives us P=2(W+5)+2W Simplify that, which equals P=2W+10+2W Combine like terms: P=4W+10 Since we know the perimeter, let's plug n 38 as P Now we have 38=4W+10 Subtract 10, giving you 28=4W Now divide by 4, you get 7=W So the length is 12 inches and the width is 7 inches

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