Social Studies

The Framer were generally not in favor of political parties, and the constitution does not include any mention of them. Yet parties quickly appeared in the new nation. What might government be like if there were no political parties? Could the government as we know it function without them? Why or why not?

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Either it would be complete anarchy or they would fuction just fine, but until you know how much they put into the goverment you wouldn't be able to give a diffinitive answer. Most people would think the govement would fuction just fine without them. Have they ever taken a look inside the goverment and political parties themselves i'm not so sure about that.In anyfact i believe it would be hell inside the goverment wothout them,because they need something to believe in.They would not be able to fuction because they have been around so long.If they we're to actually quit existing it would cause great turmoil, and the people would pay for it.

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