The distance of planet Mercury from the Sun is approximately 5.8 ⋅ 107 kilometers, and the distance of Earth from the Sun is 1.5 ⋅ 108 kilometers. About how many more kilometers is the distance of Earth from the Sun than the distance of Mercury from the Sun? 4.3 ⋅ 107 kilometers 9.2 ⋅ 107 kilometers 9.2 ⋅ 108 kilometers 5.7 ⋅ 109 kilometers

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You have to move the decimal symbol one place to right in the second distance, this is because you need to have both number with notation x10^7: so, 1.5x10^8= 15x10^7 Now you can substract (15-5.8)x10^7 because they have the same notation: (15-5.8)x10^7= 9.2x10^7 kilometers So the answer is b

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