The curved surface area of cylinder 154 cm square. The total surface area of cylinder is three times ita curved surface area. Find the volume of cylider

(1) Answers

curved surface area=154 total surface area=3 times curved total surface area=3 times 154 total surface area=462 total surface area=curved surface area+2(area of base) 462=154+2(area of base) subtract 154 from both sides 308=2(area of base) divde 2 154=area of base area of base=pi(r)^2 154=pir^2 aprox pi to 3.14 154=3.14r^2 divide both sides y 3.14 49=r^2 square root both sides 7=r volume=(h)pi(r)^2 we know that pir^2=154 so subsitute volume=h154 or volume=154h solve for h curved surface area=h(2pir) 154=h(2pir) divde both sides by 2 77=hpir subsitute 3.14 for pi and 7 for r 77=h(3.14)(7) 77=h(21.98) diviide both sides by 21.98 3.5=h subsitute volume=h(154) volume=3.5(154) volume=539 cm^2

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