The county fair charges $1.25 per ticket for the rides. Star bought 25 tickets for the rides and spent a total of $43.75 at the fair. Star spent her money only on ride tickets and fair admission. The price of the fair admission is the same for everyone. Write an equation in slope-intercept form to represent the cost for anyone who only pays for ride tickets and fair admission. Use y to represent the total cost and x to represent the number of ride tickets.

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First we must  figure out what the fair admission is.  In order to do that we need to figure out how much  star spent on  tickets. 1.25 * 25 = 31.25 The total price was $43.75 and she spent $31.25 on tickets. We can figure out fair admission by subtracting. 43.75 - 31.25 = 12.5 We can conclude that fair admission cost $12.50 Slope intercept form is Y=mx+b So, Y=1.25x+12.5

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