suppors you want to buy cottage cheese for $4.37,canned peaches for 89cents, and a jar of cinnamon for $3.95 A.estimat the total cost of the items by rounding thee individual to the nearst doller B. When you get in th eline you only have a $10 bill. Can you afford all the items? Why or hwy not? PS: my exams study guide

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A, Cottage cheese can round to 4.00      Canned peaches a dollar = $1        Cinnamon for 4. 00      so about $9 rounded B. no if you are not rounding. But if you are rounding then yes you can afford all 


(A):  [latex]4.37+3.95+0.89=9.21\\9.21\approx9\\\\Therefore,\ \$9.[/latex] (B): Yes, you can afford all the items because, in total, they cost $9.21, which is less than $10 (obviously).

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