Solve the quadratic equation by factoring. 8x^2+21=-59x

(2) Answers

solve your equation step-by-step. 8x^2+21=−59x Subtract -59x from both sides. 8x^2+21−−59x=−59x−−59x 8x^2+59x+21=0 Factor left side of equation. (8x+3)(x+7)=0 Set factors equal to 0. 8x+3=0 or x+7=0 x=−3/8 or x=−7


make one side zero add 59x to both sides 8x^2+59x+21=0 factor to find the factor in ax^2+bx+c form when a>1 multiply a and c together find what 2 numbers add up to b and multiply to ac so a=8 b=59 c=21 ac=8 times 21=168 factors  that add up to 59 and multiply to get 168 the numbers are 56 and 3 3 and 56 are the numbers since 3 times 56=168 and 3+56=168 so split it up 8x^2+56x+3x+21=0 group (8x^2+56x)+(3x+21)=0 undistribute (8x)(x+7)+(3)(x+7)=0 reverse distribute (8x+3)(x+7)=0 set each to zero 8x+3=0 subtract 3 8x=-3 divide by 8 x=-3/8 x+7=0 subtract 7 x=-7 x=-7 or -3/8

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