Put in make or do in the correct form. 1.I hate __housework,especially cleaning. 2.Why do you always__the same mistake?3.Can you__me a favour?It depends what it is.4.Have you__your homework?Not yet.5.I need to see the dentist but I haven't__an appointment.6.I'm__a course in photography at the moment. It's very good.7. The last time I __an exam was ten years ago.8.When you've finished exercise 1, you can __ exercise 2. 9.there is something wrong with the car. The engine is __a strange noise.10. It was a bad mistake. It was the worst mistake I've ever __.11.let is __ a list of all the things we have to __today .

(2) Answers

1. doing 2. make 3. do 4. done 5. made 6. doing 7. did 8. do 9. making 10. made 11. making, do


1.doing 2,make 3.do 4.done 5.made 6.taking 7.did  8.do 9.making 10.made 11.make,do

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