Please please please help me! I really need help.

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Using the pythagorean theorem for each leg to the trip will give you the distances for each leg d=√(dy^2+dx^2)  so in order... d1=√(9+1)=√10 d2=√(4+64)=√64 d3=√(49+1)=√50 d4=√(36+64)=√100  (note I combined the the grocery to bakery to home into one straight line) so for c) d=√10+√64+√50+√100 blocks d≈28.23 blocks (to nearest one-hundredth of a block) d) If each block is 1/8 mile then the distance in miles for all of her errands is: (0.125)28.23≈3.53 miles

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