Please help! <- What is the value of n? -10 = n/-0.2

(2) Answers

n=2    2/-0.2 equals -10


-10 = n/-0.2 First, we can change the fraction n/-0.2 into a whole negative. Basically, move the negative sign to the front of the fraction. [latex]-10 = -\frac{n}{0.2} [/latex] Second, we can now make our goal to get the variable (n) by itself on one side of the problem. This means we have to move everything over on another side. We can start out by multiplying both sides by 0.2. [latex]-10 \times 0.2 = -n[/latex] Third, let's simplify -10 × 0.2. Whatever the solution, it will be negative. You can solve this by using a calculator, set it up the long way, etc. (-10 × 0.2 = 2) [latex]-2 = -n[/latex] Fourth, our last step is to multiply both sides by -1. Where did we get the -1? -n can be considered -1, since a variable by itself is 1. After this, we can switch sides. [latex]n = 2[/latex] Answer: [latex]\fbox {n = 2} [/latex]

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