Please help? how is it even possible to have 2 y values for 1 X value. No idea how to solve the system.

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Linear relation is an equation of the type y=kx+b where k, b are coefficients and x, y are variables. Graph of the linear relation is a straight line. It is said that there  are two such relations, so we have a system of two linear equations with variables x,y. So, firstly we have to find coefficients k, b  for these equations using data from the table. First equation A: For x=-8 we get y=-5 and for x=-3 we have y=-6. So -8k+b=-5 -3k+b=-6 Solving this system we get k=-1/5,  b=-33/5, so the first relation is y=-x/5-33/5 or it can be rewritten as x+5y+33=0 Second equation B: From the table we see that for x=-8 we get y=-15 and for x=-3 we have y=-11. So -8k+b=-15 -3k+b=-11 Solving this system we get k=4/5,  b=-43/5, so the second relation is y=4x/5-43/5 or it can be rewritten as 4x-5y-43=0 Thus, we have system  of these two linear equations x+5y+33=0 4x-5y-43=0 Add equations and get x=2, y=-7. These two linear relations can be represented on graph as two lines passing through points (-8,-5). (-3,6) for relation A, and through points (-8,-15), (-3,-11) for relation B in accordance with the table data. Solution of the system is their intersection  point (2,-7) as shown in figure below.

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