PLEASE DO PROPERLY OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE REPORTED Match the items. 1. pioneer species in forests 2. left after a disturbance 3. a volcanic eruption, forest fire, or disease 4. mature hardwoods 5. Annual plants 6. Perennials 7. Softwoods like pines 8. pioneer species in lakes 9. pioneer species in sand 10. short-lived with wide seed dispersal a. Grasses b. Bacteria and lichens c. Annuals d. Bare rock e. Climax community f. appear after the pioneer species g. Algae h. appear before the climax community i. Disturbance j. can reproduce more than once in lifespan

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so 3 is defntily a distrurbance 3. i 2 is probably d climax community is stable grouth so tha twould be the hardwoods or 4 4. e pioneer species would come first so that would probably be the bacteria and lichen 9. b and alge is the water pioneer species so that is 9 8. g grass is 10 10. a 7 would be h 5 is f 6 is j anway 1. c 2. b 3. i 4. e 5. f 6. j 7. h 8. g 9. b 10. a

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