philip is going on a 4000-kilometer road trip with three friends. the car consumes 666 liters of gas per 100100100 kilometers, and gas costs \$1.50$1.50dollar sign, 1, point, 50 per liter. if philip and his friends want to split the cost of gas evenly, how much should they each pay?

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i'm pretty sure there's a typo here. I'm guessing this is what you mean : 6 liter of gas per 100 kilometers. Based on this, we know that the amount of gas that they will use is : 4,000/100 x 6   = 240 liter Price of the gas would be = $ 1.50 x 240   = $360 Liter If they want to split it it became : $360/2  = $180 each hope this helps

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