n Act V, scene i of Romeo and Juliet, what role does the Apothecary play in the catastrophe? He tells Romeo that Juliet has died. He sells Romeo the fatal poison. He accompanies Romeo to Juliet’s tomb. He fails to deliver a letter to Romeo.

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He plays as kinda like a Danse Macrabe, if you will- its basically a source that leads you to your death. So if he told Romeo that Juliet has faltered- causing him to lose intrest in life- it is only him that has misunderstood the situation. As well as helping Romeo, complete his quest in commiting sucide- which is another misunderstanding for which he did not address his confusion to Friar Lawrence. And finally the delivering of the letter- well according to the play itself it was not delivered b/c of the plague ( black death during that time)- either way it was unavoidable. making romeo think that friar Lawrence has not fulfilled his promise. Hopefully this helped you get an understanding of what role they played.

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