Monica uses 3 tablespoons of milk in her custard recipe. The ratio of tablespoons to fluid ounces is 2 : 1. How many fluid ounces of milk does Monica use? A.) 0.5 fluid ounces B.) 1 fluid ounce C.) 1.5 fluid ounces D.) 3 fluid ounces

(2) Answers

2 tablespoons is 1 fluid ounce.  Which means 1 tablespoon is .5 fluid ounce which makes C.) the correct answer.  3-2 = 1 tablespoon.  The 2 tablespoons taken away were turned into one fluid ounce.  The last tablespoon is only half of what would make 1 fluid ounce and since .5 is the same as 50% that means that 1.5 fluid ounces is the same as 3 tablespoons.


The correct answer is C.

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