Mary having her living room and bedroom painted. Interior Designs USA charges $60.00 to evaluate the space plus $35.00 per hour of labor. Splash of Color charges $55.00 per hour with no initial fee. Which of the following are true? Select all that apply. If it takes 7 hours to paint the two rooms, Interior Designs USA will charge the least. Splash of Color will always charge the least. If it takes more than 5 hours to paint the rooms, Splash of Color will be more cost effective. If it takes 10 hours to paint the rooms, Splash of Color will charge $200 more than Interior Designs USA. If it takes 3 hours to paint the rooms, both companies will charge the same amount.

(1) Answers

The true options are the first and last ones. The equation for Interior Designs USA will be 60 + 35x. The equation for Splash of Color will be 55x. When you plug in 7 into the equation, Interior will charge 305, while Splash will charge 385. So, Interior will charge less. This automatically invalidates the second and third options, because Splash will not be more cost effective, as demonstrated by the first option.  The fourth option is wrong, because when you plug 10 into the equations, you will find that Splash will charge 140 more than Interior, not 200. However, once you plug in 3 for both equations, they equal the same amount, making the last option true.

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