Mario bought $5 worth of stamps at the post office. He bought ten more 6 cents stamps than 10 cents stamps. The number of 8 cents stamps was three times the number of 10 cents stamps. He also bought two 20 cents stamps. How many of each kind of stamp did he purchase?

(1) Answers

s=number of 6 cent stamps t=number of ten cen stamps e=number of 8 cent stamps w=number of 20 cents stamps=2 cost=500 cents 6s+10t+8e+20w=500 w=2 since two 20 cent stamps wer bought 6s+10t+8e+40=500 minsu 40 both sides 6s+10t+8e=460 divide both sides by 2 to simplify 3s+5t+4e+230 also 10 more 6 cent than 10 cent s=10+t 8 cent stamps is 3 times 10 cent stamps e=3t sub s=10+t e=3t 3(10+t)+5t+4(3t)+230 30+3t+5t+12t=230 30+20t=230 minus 30 20t=200 divid 20 t=10 sub back s=10+t s=10+10 s=20 e=3t e=3(10) e=30 20 six cent 30 eight stamp 10 ten cent 2 twenty cent

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