Jennifer went to the post office for stamps. She bought the same number of 8-cent stamps and 10-cent stamps. She also bought as many 2-cent stamps as both of the other two kinds combined. How many of each kind did she get if she paid a total of $4.40 for them all?

(1) Answers

e=number of eight cent stamps t=number of ten cent stamps bought w=number of 2 cent stamps bought number of eight=number of ten e=t as many 2 cent as the other 2 combined e+t=w or 2e=w=2t total she bouthgt 4.40 4.40=440 cents 8e+10t+2w=440 solve for t or e, I solve for t 8t+10t+2(2t)=440 18t+4t=440 22t=440 divide 22 t=20 t=e 20=e w=2e w=2(20) w=40 answer is 20 eight cent 20 ten cent 40 two cent

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