In gym class, you run 3/5 mile. Your coach runs 10 times that distance each day, How far does your coach run each day?

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You would do 3/5 times 10 to get your answer to your problem. I think. That is what I would do anyway


 first you have to get 3/5 to a decimal to make it easier to multiply. so you would do 5 times 20 and that would make your denominator 100.  ___ 100 if you times the denominator by 20, you have to do the same thing to the numerator so 3 times 20 is 60 so that's 60/100 which is 0.60 and that's equivalent to 3/5 and 6/10 and all 0.60 times 10 is 6, so your coach runs 6 miles everyday. or you could do 10/1 times 3/5. hope that helped.

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