In Antigone, Haemon emerges as a defender of the citizens' cause in the face of his father’s tyranny. Which lines in this excerpt from the play reflect Haemon’s respect for the Theban citizens’ opinions?

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You did not add excerpt but most famous lines of haemon as a defender of people are lines 734-742 HAEMON The Theban commons with one voice say, No. CREON What, shall the mob dictate my policy? HAEMON 'Tis thou, methinks, who speakest like a boy. CREON Am I to rule for others, or myself? HAEMON A State for one man is no State at all. CREON The State is his who rules it, so 'tis held. HAEMON As monarch of a desert thou wouldst shine. CREON This boy, methinks, maintains the woman's cause. HAEMON If thou be'st woman, yes. My thought's for thee. CREON O reprobate, would'st wrangle with thy sire? 

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