In 1973, US troops withdrew from Vietnam. Two years later, South Vietnam fell to the North, and the entire nation became communist. Write two to three paragraphs explaining why the United States failed to achieve its objectives in the Vietnam War. Include evidence from the readings in your response.

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The U.S. failed to achieve its objectives in Vietnam because they know that can not withstand the force from other two powerful Communists country-western Russia and China. Also, Communists was really a tyranny man who could kill other people included children and woman that stand on its way. Furthermore, the North always stand with each other to help them surpass the South, and their power also make them to go a higher power. The next reason is U.S felt that it was a right time to help them lose the war. However, it was a good strategy because the South Vietnamese could immigration to U.S.A. Hope this help! Please just don't ask me why because I am also Vietnamese, and I learned a lot of stuff from my country.

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