In 150 to 200 words, explain what made it possible to bring the Story of Sinue and The Eloquent Peasant to the Egyptian people

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In the Story of Sinue, the early New Kingdom period saw a general interest in Middle Kingdom culture, and the New Kingdom scribal class considered the early poems classics. The early New Kingdom period saw two significant shifts in the production of literary texts. The first is the material on which the texts were inscribed, from papyri to ostraca. The other is that there was a tendency to copy excerpts of the poems rather than full editions. Those changes in text production were mirrored by a change in burial practice which saw writing boards, rather than papyrus scrolls, deposited in tombs (pp.175-179). Parkinson argues that Sinuhe, in particular, influenced the New Kingdom elite and might have even shaped the conceptions of foreign lands.

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