If I read 52 pages in 2 hrs and Tim reads 1/4 more in 2 and1/2 hr. who read faster?

(2) Answers

They read at the same speed If we split the time where you read into half hour intervals we would have 13 pages per 30 minutes and since [latex] \frac{1}{4} [/latex]* 52= 13 and the time added is 30 minutes we know that You and Tim read at the same speed. 


so Tim read 13 pages =1/4 of 52 pages in (2 and 1/2 hr) - (2hrs) = 1/2 hr So Tim will read 26 pages in 1 hr and  that means Tim read 52 pages in 2 hrs, the same with You! The answer its that bouth read in the same time.

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