If a patient is unemployed, it may be helpful to provide ________ along with addiction treatment. A. Anger management B. Career counseling C. 12-step program D. Marriage counseling

(2) Answers

B. Career counseling Since the employee or the individual has no job and it seems that he is undertaking an addiction treatment from either a drug, most probably. It would be best to aid something in his life that may help him/her get his/her drive back. The certain motivation and setting up goals in which we discover what he wants to do, what job does he/ she aspire and from the point of clarity to where he/she is right now.


B) career counseling is the correct answer . . .  because the patient is unemployed, the only beneficial type of counseling will be that related to employment.  anger management relates to anger treatment, 12-step program relates to drug treatment, marriage counseling relates to marriage issues, so these 3 options aren't correct.

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