i really need help with this

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2x-7< less than or greater to 1 or A is the answer because ......2x−7less than or equal to 1Step 1: Add 7 to both sides.2x−7+7 less than or equal to 1+72x less than or equal to 8Step 2: Divide both sides by 2.2x/2 less than or equal to 8/2x less than or equal to 4Answer:x less than or equal to 4Another way to know is a open circle is just less than or greater than  and a closed circle is less than or equal to or greater than equal to.And then look at the inequality sign and see if the arrow on the graph points to the left or the right which helps figure out which correction the inequality should she be facing.     


The answer is A. Bc the graph has a circle point , and if Its shaded then the inequality has a line under . And since it is going towards the negative side, its gonna be -7 so its A

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