How do you conjugate verbs in spanish?

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Well, there are 3 types of verbs - those ending in ar, er, and ir For the present tense, they are conjugated like this An ar verb - bailar (to dance) Remove the -ar- and add the ending the conjugations will be  I - bailo You- bailas He/she- baila We- bailamos you pl- bailáis they- bailan Then an -er verb - comer (to eat) Again, remove the er and add ending I- como You- comes he/she- come we- comemos you pl - coméis they - comen Ir verbs - vivir (to live) Remove -ir and add ending I- vivo you -vives he/she - vive we- vivimos you pl. -vivís they- viven These are for the present tense only, hope this helps!

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