How do I do this? I really need help

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if you want to find the diameter of a circle multiply the radius by 2 Dh-2


Hey!Hope this helps...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ok, well for diameter, we take the Radius (N to Point) and we multiply it by 2! (Point being any other point except for N)...So your answer for question b) is 2(NP) or 2(NM) or 2(NO)-------------------------Well... this one (c) is a bit tricky because it asks a very weird question (that I personally believe you got right)...The 3 radii are (MO)/2 and (PO)/2 and (MP)/2Those should be the correct answer... only because you got the other option marked as "incorrect"...-------------------------------------And for Part 2 b, this one is 2(DG) or 2(DS)...----------------------------------------If I'm wrong I'm sooooo sorry, I havn't had geometry in about 3 years, so I'm a little rusty, but I'm almost 97% sure the answers I gave are correct...

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