How do everyday activities like driving a car and using electricity lead to global warming

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Ahh. The chain reaction. . You know when you are surfing the web, your parents tell you, or you surf the web, that you see some things like "STOP GLOBAL WARMING?"  . Yep, I have, at least. . Well, let's see about the chain reaction... . You see, where does our energy come from?  . Yes, windmills and solar cells... . but also nuclear and power plants, no? . The power plants emit carbon dioxide that contribute to global warming. . Now, cars do the same. One car may not seems like a lot of carbon dioxide...  . . But... this many cars multiplied by 9 trillion times 9 trillion and much more... is... . Well, you know the difference. . They contribute to global warming over a period of time, slowly, because they emit carbon monoxide/dioxide.

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