How did the proclamation line help to push the colonies toward war with Britain?

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The Proclamation Line or 1763 was not a popular item with the colonists. They had just come through the French-Indian War where the French ceded the land where the colonists could move westward. However, the king of England did not want the colonists to move westward and disturb and already enraged Native population. The colonists did not see this a measure to keep them safe but more of a measure to keep them close to the East coast so England could regulate them. Along this "line" were numerous posts to keep the Natives out. The king declared the colonists must fund these posts which did not go over well. The felt like the king was just trying to hem them in and ask them to pay for patrols that would do just that. They felt this was just one of many injustices being done to them. When the Proclamation was followed by different taxing acts, the colonists rebelled about the tightening "apron strings" of England.

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