HELP!!! Factor: 36x^2-25 Select one: a. (6x−5)(6x+5) b. (4x−1)(9x+25) c. (6x+5)^2 d. (6x−5)^2

(2) Answers

36x^2 - 25 can be factored fairly easily by using the sum of two differences. The square root of 36x^2 is 6x, and the square root of 25 is 5. We can put these together and get an answer of A. (6x - 5)(6x + 5). Hope this helps!


This is called a "difference of squares", it appears in mathematics pretty frequently, so its factors should be remembers. A difference of squares is of the form: (a^2-b^2) And it will always have the factors of: (a+b)(a-b) In this case (a^2-b^2) is: (36x^2-25) so its factors are: (6x-5)(6x+5)

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