Graph the line using intercepts: 4x-3y=12

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First you have to find the intercepts! To find the y-intercept (I usually do that first), pretend x=0. Then it becomes: 4(0)-3y=12 Which then becomes: -3y=12. Divide both sides, and y = -4. Then the (x,y) coordinate would become (0, -4). Next you would find the x-intercept, and pretend y = 0. Which then becomes: 4x-3(0)=12 3x0 cancels out to become: 4x = 12 And x = 3 because division stuffs. Then THIS point would then be (3,0). So then, you would plot (0,-4) and (3,0) on a graph and connect the points! I attached a picture for reference. hope that helped~


Graph the intercepts by assigning the balue to y or x then after u assign u will graph it. Since it is a linear equation it might be easier so it may be a  line not a parabola

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