f a ball with an original velocity of zero is dropped from a tall structure and it takes 7 seconds to hit the ground, what velocity does the ball have when it reaches the ground? A. 34.3 m/s B. 68.6 m/s C. 156.8 m/s D. 240.1 m/s

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For this, all you need is the velocity formula which is Vf = Vi + at. Vf = final velocity. Vi = initial velocity. a = acceleration t = time Vf = Vi + at.  Vf= 0 + (- 9.8 m/sec^2) (7s) *The 0 says that the original velocity is zero. The - 9.8 m/sec^2 is gravity because there is nothing else acting upon it, and it is negative because it is falling. The 7s is time time.* All you have to do then, is simplify to get 68.6 m/s which is B.

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