Explain why shorelines are always changing

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The shoreline is always changing because of the time of day.E-MAIL if you like the information i gave you.


They are always changing due to the effects of erosion and weathering. Erosion: - Attrition - rocks smashing into each other and breaking down becoming smaller and smoother - Solution - soluble particles dissolving - Abrasion - rocks that are in the sea wearing down the sea bed (although this isn't very common) - Hydraulic Action - when there are cracks in the cliffs, water can push air into them which creates pressure causing the cracks to get bigger Deposition: - Sediments get deposited onto the beaches and other areas, thus adding to the shoreline Weathering: - Physical: temperature, wind, rain, waves, freeze-thaw - Biological: by plants and/or animals - Chemical: acidic rain Hope this is what you wanted and I hope it helps. :)

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