explain how the theory of evolution is supported by evidence from the fossil record, comparative anatomy, comparative embryology, bio geography, molecular biology and observed evolutionary change.

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(studying this for AP Bio test, feels good man) Fossil Records: shows the large amounts of time in which simple organisms have evolved into complex organisms Comparative anatomy: in many different types of vertebrates, many bones are similar, indicating a common ancestor in the past, these bones are homologous in different vertebrates Comparative embryology: many embryos of developing vertebrates will look similar and develop similar structures in its respective time in the womb Bio Geography: many fossils and creatures are found in such distant places that it is impossible for them to have migrated, only because the Earth was once a large land mass (Pangea). And many animals of the same special developed some differences to cope with the surrounding environment. Molecular Biology: similar DNA sequences, genomes Observed evolutionary change: changes in the alleles of a population, mutation, genetic drift, etc.

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