Estimate the solution of the system (x+y=4. 2x-y=6) by sketching a graph of each linear function.Then solve the system algebraically.use your estimate to judge the reasonableness of your solution. The estimated solution is ___________________. The algebraic solution is______. The solution is/is not reasonable because __________________________________________________________. ( please help me I'm confused)

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I have a hard time graphing so I will use algebra so x+y=4 2x-y=6 add them together 2x+x+y-y=4+6 3x=10 divide by 3 x=3 and 1/3 subsitute x+y=4 3 1/3+y=4 subtract 3 1/3 from both sdies y=2/3 so x=3 1/3=10/3 y=2/3 the estimated solution is the graphed, visual solution the algbraic solution is  (in (x,y) form ) (10/3,2/3) the solution is reasonalble because it works

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