elapsed time is 6 hours & 44 minutes. End time is 10:42 a.m. what is the start time?

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3:58 am, because 42-44 would give you 58 min, and 10-6 would be 4, but since you have to go 44 minutes in the past, you have to take out another hour. (this is kind of hard to explain, just use the answer)


To do this problem, we would have to subtract the elapsed hour with the end time, and the same for the minutes. End time minutes: 42 Elapsed time minutes: 44 42-44=-2 End time hour: 10 Elapsed hour: 6 10-6=4 hours. So now we have 4 hours and -2 minutes as the start time, so we have to subtract an hour and subtract 2 from 60 minutes. Start time is: 3:58 AM ~Hope I helped!~

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