Eight plus four times a number is greater than five times the number

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First, you must translate the words into variables and symbols. "eight plus four times a number" would equal 8 + 4 times a number, or simply "x," because we don't know it's value. Now we have 8 + 4x on the left side of the inequality. Simply do the same to the right side of the inequality. "is greater than five times the number" would translate to ">" 5 times the number. Because it says "the number," we know it is referring to "x" and not some other variable of "y" or "z." Therefore, > 5x Put both sides together. 8 + 4x > 5x Now solve for the inequality. Try to isolate known numbers on one side and terms with a coefficient on the other. In this case, subtract the term "4x" from both sides in order to get 8 on one side and the like terms of "5x" and "4x" on the other. 8 + 4x - 4x > 5x - 4x 8 > 1x 1x simplifies to x. 8 > x

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