Describe four real-life examples of the results of scientific investigations?

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A real life example of a scientific investigation is CSI. Specialists examine crime scenes using science to determine what happened. ================================ Looking for your house keys: hypothesis 1.: "my keys are in my jacket pocket." test 1. - look in jacket pocket, keys not there. hypothesis 2.: "they are on top of my dresser." test 2.- look on dresser, keys not there hypothesis 3. - "I left them in the front door last night" test 3. - look in door, keys are there. The scientific method just means proposing an hypothesis, testing it, and (re-)proposing a (new?) hypothesis based on the data, and testing that one ... and repeating. So figuring out why your DVD won't play on your new TV, looking for your keys, and so on can all be accomplished through the scientific method. (Cred to answer: Unknown )

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