Describe an instance where you would go to the emergency room instead of scheduling an appointment to see your primary care physician.

(2) Answers

If you take a fall and cut open a part of your body and are bleeding badly you would need to go to the emergency room.


Technically you could go to the emergency room with anything you consider worrying. However going to the emergency room for something trivial should be a no go because of the fact that you are taking the time and materials of the Emergency room, when it could be better used. Generally you'd want to go to the emergency room (voluntarily) when you are in an extreme amount of pain, when you have a severe bleeding injury, when you are superbly suspicious of having a life threat, or you sustain an injury that could possible become life threatening. Pretty much if youncall an ambulance will they say that you need to go to the hospital, instead of giving you a choice.

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