Cullinary Scenario: Your team has been selected to cater a dinner party for 10 people. Among the group is a Jew, two who are vegeterian, and another who is allergic to dairy products. Your client asked you to create a heart-healthy menu for 10 people.

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Well, because of the Jew, you would want to make sure the meals on your menu are kosher. For the vegetarians, make sure there are menu options without meat. For the person allergic to dairy products, add options that are dairy- free and lactose free. Searching up heart healthy items that pair with these factors will help you find what to add the menu. Hope this helps.


Because of the mix of people and their various dietary restrictions- I would use beans, or legumes  and vegetables along with rice or pasta as long as it kosher for the main course.  Fruits and nuts for dessert or appetizer.

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