Compare and Differentiate the difference between Parasitism and Mutualism

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mutualism is when you have two creatures living together who benefit from each other, a good example is the clown fish and the sea anemone, the clown fish gets a safe home from predators and the sea anemone gets a house maid to clean it so it doesn't become diseased.  a parasitism is when two creatures live together and only one is having a benefit from it and the other gets hurt by it, sometimes to even death. good examples are ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, and vampire bats, they all feed off their victims without any benefit to the victim, sometimes killing them with infections and overfeeding.  commensalism is similar to parasitism except the host doesn't get hurt or so minutely that it doesn't effect the host's survival. examples of this are mites which feed on the wasted parts of the body of an animal like skin flakes and hair, not hurting the host, but doesn't benefit the host either.

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