Carl and a friend are on the antique ferris wheel ride at a carnival. the ride stops to unload the riders. Carl's seat forms a 72 degree angle with an horizontal axis running through the center of the ferris wheel........ If the radius of the ferris wheel is 9m and the center of the wheel is 11m off the ground. determine the height of Carl's seat

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Hello, Let C the center of wheel. P is the Carl's seat A is the intercept of the horizontal line passing by A and the vertical line passing by P In the right triangle  PAC, sin 72°=AP/CP ==>[latex]AP=9*\sqrt{ \frac{10+2 \sqrt{5} }{4} } [/latex]≈8.5595.... The height of Carl's seat is 11-8.5595...=2.440491...(m)

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