can you subtract 1/8 from 2/5

(2) Answers

1/8 - 2/5 multiply across and when u get the same denominator just subtract the top part and leave the bottom part. 5/40 - 16/40 = -11/40 is the final answer


you can subtract but you have to find a common denominator. So in this case it's 40 because nothing else is in common. so now the bottom is 40 for both of them. Then take 1/8 and times it by 5 because you have to multiple the bottom the same as the top and you multiplied 8*5 to get 40 and so you have to do the same on the top. So now the top is 5. You have to do the same thing now for 2/40. You have to times the 2 by 8 because on the bottom you do 8*5=40. so now you have 16. Now you have. 5/40-16/40. Now you subtract 16-5 and leave the bottom 40! :) 

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