Can someone explain this to me & also give me the answer for it

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with this, you need to find out the total money he needs to make to breaking even. start by subtracting 379 from 382 to get $3 and because he spends $2 on gas every mile he needs $5 for the first mile and 2 more for the rest, but because he makes $5 in one mile that's as far as he needs to drive.


Hey there! You can write out equations for both of these situations.  The first situation can be represented by f(x) = 382 + 2x, where 382 is the initial cost, x is the total amount of miles, 2x is the cost per additional mile, and f(x) equals to total that Jason has had to pay to drive his truck.  The second situation can be presented by g(x) = 379 + 5x, where 379 is the initial amount Jason will get paid, x is the amount of miles he's driven, 5x is the money he's being paid depending on how many miles he's driven, and g(x) is the total amount he's been paid.  You can graph these two equations on the computer or by hand to find where they will meet up. The place where they intersect will be the place where Jason breaks even. You can see on the graph I attached that, after one mile, the lines intersect and Jason spends and makes a total of 384 dollars.  Hope this helped you out! :-)

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