Can somebody help me? The question says Eighteen more than 4 times the quantity of a number increased by 1 is 14. Find the number.

(2) Answers

the anwser is 13 because the quantity increased by 1 is 14


1. You find what more than means+ 2. Replace the words with the numbers 18+4*(N+1)=14 3. You move the 18 to the other side and change operations 18+4*(N+1)-18=14-18 This gives us 4*(N+1)=-4 Next we have to undo the multiplication 4*(N+1) Divide both sides by 4 4*(N+1)/4=4/4 Resulting in N+1=-1 Get N by itself and we have to subtract 1 from each side N+1-1=-1-1 N=2

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