Can somebody explain how to factor this polynomial: 4x^2-24x+36

(2) Answers

Do 4x2 subtract 24 from ur answer then add 36 to that answer


The answer is (4x - 12)(x + 3). This is because if we want to factor it, then we have to first factor 4, which is, in this case, 4 and 1. Then, we have to factor out 36, which is -12 and -3 (they are negative because 24 is negative, and to get a negative answer from 2 positive numbers, they must be negative, I know that's confusing, but just hold on). Now, we set up the problem, which looks like this: 4   -12 1    -3      -12 - 12 = -24. Therefore, the answer is (4x - 12)(x-3). In the future, to solve problems like this, you have to guess and check a lot. I hope this helps :D

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