Bryozoans are invertebrates, sometimes referred to as moss animals, that evolved before the Ordovician-Silurian extinction. True False

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True!The Ordovician-Silurian extinction was one of the biggest reasons why so many Bryozoans are extinct. the evolution of these animals were primarily on survival and reproduction. Without the evolution of these animals on surviving on harsh and dangerous terrains and environments, they would have become almost entirely extinct because of invasive animals, food reduction, and human interference. Animals like deer's and some rodents are the evolution of these animals. They have adapted to the new and changing environment by changing there way of feeding and how they act around other creatures. Without the evolution of these animals and the new way of life that they live and thrive in today, we might not even be here to write or learn about them. Moss is also a key factor in their evolution. Due to the different evolutions of moss, these animals have come to have a hard time at getting these weak roots plants ((Moss)). Deer and Elk are especially adapted to the new ways on how to get moss and other fungal plants. so the answer is true, and please be sure to mark as the brainliest answer :D

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