Answer the following question with a response of two or three paragraphs. This is a compare and contrast essay, so you should organize your response in block or point-by-point structure. Include a thesis statement and a conclusion. A protagonist is the character in a story or play around whom the action centers. Scholars often argue about who is the true protagonist in Julius Caesar. The play is named for Caesar, so perhaps he is the protagonist. But Brutus has much more stage time than Caesar, and his problems are central to the plot. In an essay of three paragraphs, compare and contrast the characters of Julius Caesar and Brutus. First craft a thesis statement which states the main point of you essay. Then, discuss the similarities and differences in the character traits and motivations of each man. Use examples of their words, actions, or interactions with other characters to support what you write about them. Finally, in your conclusion, decide which character you think is the true protagonist of the play and explain why.

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